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The team at S&S Diesel Motorsport use their knowledge of common rail diesel fuel systems, and decades of OE engineering experience, to develop solutions to various durability problems.
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Built to the highest quality standards using industry-leading components and tested on the world's best equipment, S&S Diesel Motorsport fuel injectors may not be the cheapest, but they regularly outflow the competition for the same claimed size, giving you more performance per dollar.
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High-pressure common rail injections pumps are integral parts of high performance fuel systems. S&S Diesel Motorsport fuel pumps are built to the same stringent standards as the fuel injectors and tested for performance and reliability.
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S&S offers turn-key vehicle control solutions using state-of-the-art electronics from Bosch Motorsport. Data is the key to success and S&S has the ability to monitor, log, and control a wide range of parameters.
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S&S Diesel Motorsport has one of the world's most advanced fuel labs, featuring custom test benches that were developed in-house to meet the extreme testing standards that are necessary for high-performance common-rail injection.
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Many years of OE fuel system and engine development experience have given S&S Diesel Motorsport engineers the insight and skills crucial to providing world-class consulting services. Manufacturers like Cummins, GM/Duramax, and PACCAR, to name a few, trust the expertise of S&S engineers.
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S&S Diesel Motorsport management has a combined 63 years of diesel fuel injection and engine development experience, in both OE and high-performance applications, many of which were with Bosch or Cummins prior to leading S&S Diesel Motorsport.
It’s more than “just business” at S&S, being a part of Team #SSfueled is like being a part of the family.


S&S Diesel Motorsport may not be the cheapest option, but with the highest quality standards in the aftermarket, the end product is second-to-none.
Every injector and pump produced by S&S Diesel Motorsport feature precise internal adjustments to optimize performance and reliability.
While others may use base model equipment with limited testing capabilities, S&S Diesel Motorsport uses the most advanced equipment available with multiple in-house custom-built test stands to thoroughly validate every product.
Other than developing and manufacturing fuel systems, S&S Diesel Motorsport also tackles special projects by using the in-house dynamometer and providing on-site engine control solutions.
We use S&S Diesel Motorsport fuel components in nearly every vehicle we build and service. The quality and craftsmanship of their products is flawless, and their customer support is miles above the rest.
Tony Rizzi
S&S Diesel Motorsport has track-proven products that make us one of the fastest 2,000-plus horsepower Pro Street class diesel drag trucks in the country.
Johnny Gilbert
S&S is the best at everything they do, they have the best fuel systems in existence for our diesels; on top of that they sponsor races to help the sport evolve for all. I am so proud to be able to run their products. If you want to run a diesel whether it’s a work truck, fun truck or a full on race truck or car I would not consider anything else but S&S fuel systems. Thank you for all you do for us.
Rod MacMaster