Why should you pay more for the S&S 6.7L Ford Power Stroke CP4.2 Bypass Kit?

  • S&S Diesel Motorsport designed and developed the first CP4 bypass kit for the 6.7 Power Stroke. Though we are the first to develop one for the 6.7 Power Stroke, we can’t take credit for the idea. We took inspiration from a kit that was used in Europe on a VW engine. We do our best to state the facts and not make false claims.
  • Every other lower-priced kit on the market is a copy of ours, at least the aluminum block is. Even if the bypass block is copied exactly, we can’t attest to the machining quality and tolerances of the other kits. The aluminum bypass blocks in the S&S kit are machined in the USA, to exact tolerances.
  • Our kit includes a special o-ring that grips the bottom of the bypass block, which makes installation easy and ensures a proper CP4 to bypass block seal.
  • Being the first to market many years ago has given us time to discover potential deficiencies in the hose material, and make the needed changes. We currently use a proprietary hose material that will hold up over time, the other knock off kits do not use the same material. That is an example of developing products versus copying products. We are always trying to improve the product; others are just trying to make easy money with their own style of R&D (Rip-off and Duplicate).
  • Our kit is the only one on the market that is CARB-compliant (#D-756-1), and each kit will come with a CARB sticker for the engine bay. Since we developed the kit, we spent the extra time and money to make sure our customers would not take on any legal risk by installing our kit.

The points above make our kit stand out from the ones that sell for less, and show that $360 is a very reasonable price for the original S&S 6.7L Ford Power Stroke CP4.2 Bypass Kit.