• Owned and operated by former Bosch Motorsport and Cummins engineers, S&S Diesel Motorsport draws on 63 years of combined diesel injection and engine development experience to innovate world-leading common rail diesel technology.
  • S&S Diesel Motorsport has successfully developed common rail diesel fuel systems for engines of all sizes and applications, ranging from 1.5L to 19L.


  • While others may use base model equipment with limited testing capabilities, S&S Diesel Motorsport uses the most advanced equipment available with multiple custom-built test stations to thoroughly validate every product.
  • Each set is thoroughly balanced to injection quantity and profile, resulting in matching rate shapes and total injected quantities to within 3% variance.
  • All S&S injectors are tested with the OE standard calibration fluid, pressure, and temperature.
  • Higher-flowing competition injectors feature proprietary internal modifications that allow them to inject quicker.
  • Piezo injectors feature internal modifications to compliment increased nozzle size
  • S&S Diesel Motorsport uses proprietary EDM and honing processes to create clean and consistent holes.
  • Nozzles are flow tested with the OE standard fluid, pressure, and temperature.
  • S&S Diesel Motorsport high-pressure pumps feature proprietary internal modifications that allow for high-rpm operation and flow.
  • S&S uses custom equipment to thoroughly validate pump durability to 6,000+ RPM.
  • S&S pumps are the market leaders in pumping efficiency and output.


  • All S&S Diesel Motorsport products carry a two-year, unlimited mileage warranty, including high-output competition parts.
  • S&S Diesel Motorsport gives financial support back to the diesel industry by sponsoring many races and pulls throughout the year. Additionally, the S&S team is on-site with the parts needed to keep racers in the show, and provides optional electronics support to #SScontrolled competitors.