At S&S Diesel Motorsport, we don’t use the slogan FUEL SYSTEMS ON ANOTHER LEVEL without having the hardware to back it up. Stop by our booth (3567) at the Performance Racing Industry Show on December 8-10, 2022, and we’ll show you two world-record fuel systems that fit the bill.

Piloted by Mattie Graves, the Hollyrock Customs dragster relied on a complete fuel system and MoTeC control package by S&S to become the World’s Quickest and Fastest Diesel in the 1/8th mile (3.963 at 187 MPH).

Alternately, the Pilgrim & Stubbs 1954 Chevy put an S&S fuel system and Bosch Motorsport electronics to use when claiming the C/DT World Land Speed Record (220.226 MPH) on the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Stop by our booth at PRI and we’ll explain how and why S&S Diesel Motorsport common rail diesel fuel systems are on another level!