The Scheid Diesel Extravaganza, which is the gold standard of diesel pick-up truck events, continued its rich tradition at Wagler Motorsports Park thanks to the efforts of Scheid Diesel Service Co. Racers and pullers from all over the USA came together for a wild weekend of diesel-fueled torque and RPM-driven HORSEPOWER!

It was a great weekend for Team SSfueled in Outlaw Diesel Super Series drag racing action over at the strip. Mattie Graves and the Hollyrock Customs team got the Pro Dragster win in their twin turbo Duramax-powered rail, complete with S&S fuel system and MoTeC electronics package.

During Friday’s qualifying session, Ben Shadday and the Done Right Diesel Parts team ran a 4.160 at 178.44 to reset the Pro Mod ET record. The S&S Diesel Motorsport-fueled, MoTeC-controlled, Wagler Competition Products-powered, Corvette was on rails for the weekend, and Shadday went on to take the Pro Mod win.

Johnny Gilbert and the Stainless Diesel team had bittersweet experience during qualifying, running a personal best of 4.212, but then put the WMP sand pit and safety net to the test when the parachutes malfunctioned. Gilbert and the car are a little banged up, but both will be back on the track soon. More importantly, the track shutdown safety measures worked, and Johnny walked away.

Brett Marcum and the Hard Knocks Racing Team (aka Team Waffle House) ran a perfect 5.900 during Outlaw 5.90 qualifying to earn the top spot. Marcum ran a series of 5.90s through eliminations all the way to a final round win against fellow Team SSfueled member, Travis Trent. Congratulations to Marcum on the win and to Trent for runner up!

S&S pump man, Daniel Wint, went three rounds in ET Bracket, making it to the quarter finals in his SSfueled hot shot truck on drag radials. The white 2003 Dodge has proven to be a reliable cross-country tow pig, and a consistent 9.20 drag truck. It’s also a testament to the durability and versatility of an S&S 12mm CP3 with an SP3000 mechanical supply pump, racking up thousands of towing miles and supporting the S&S 100% over early 5.9 Cummins injectors when needed.

Thanks to hard work by the Wagler Motorsports Park team, the twin track was on point for Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League (PPL) action.

In the Pro Stock Diesel Trucks class that is dominated by p-pumped 12-valve Cummins power plants, a few SSfueled common rail V8s are holding their own, and one of them is NOT a Duramax.

For Pro Stock Diesel Trucks on Friday night, Matt Schaefer finished 10th out of 22 in his Duramax-powered late 50s Chevy, “Banana Max.” A few places down to 13th, was Nathan Vegh in “Jumping Jack Flash,” a Hypermax Engineering 6.7 Power Stroke-powered Ford Super Duty. The pulling world is full of Cummins-powered Fords, and it’s refreshing to see a team that stays true to the brand.

Saturday night in Pro Stock Diesel Trucks Nathan Vegh took 15th in “Jumping Jack Flash,” Jeremy Beetz got 18th in “Durty Deere,” and Matt Schaefer finished 19th in “Banana Max.”

The Scheid Diesel Extravaganza brings in some of the toughest diesel truck pulling competition in all of the land. When the competition is tight and the truck count is high, qualifying pulls are needed in order to keep the number of hooks reasonable for each class. Pro Street Diesel Trucks and Limited Pro Diesel Trucks are two widely-popular classes that require such thinning, only taking the top (6 for Pro Street and 10 for Limited Pro) trucks from each of the twin tracks.

Four SSfueled Limited Pro Diesel Trucks made it into the show on Friday night. After winning his qualifying pull during the day, Jordan Kinderman earned 3rd place in “Cummin Get It,” and Paul Richardson followed up in 4th with “Fancy Hooker;” both using the Freedom Racing Engines/S&S Diesel Motorsport combo. The Loucks brothers, Matt and Garrett, finished 19th and 20th with “Night Howler” and “Wire Fired.”

On Saturday night four SSfueled trucks qualified for the Limited Pro Diesel Trucks session and Brian Shew took the win in “Iron Maiden,” Adam Hallien drove “Wrecker” to 6th place, Evan Davis earned 9th in “Grey Area”, and Matt Loucks secured 17th in “Night Howler.”

On Friday, Ronnie Hall won the Pro Street Diesel Trucks qualifier in “Hall Pass” during the day. In the Friday night show Hall got 9th and Jon Shew secured 10th in “Iron Patriot.”

In the Pro Street Diesel Trucks Saturday night show, Jon Shew got 7th in the “Iron Patriot,” Ronnie Hall earned 10th in “Hall Pass,” and Lee Stiltz was 11th in “Privileged.”

Not one to let her old man get all of the glory, Nora Wint drew on three generations of International Harvester pride, and pedaled that little red tractor to a Pedal Tractor Pull win. It’s a good day when one of our own gets a W, no matter how small.