Brownstown, IN  – May 22, 2020 S&S Diesel Motorsport is now expanding their Next Level Technology into the European sector with 2,250 cc/min injectors for the BMW M57 common rail diesel engine. Through testing and modifying many sets already in service, the team at S&S has developed a well-rounded and top-performing M57 injector to be sold as brand new.

The 2,250 cc/min injectors feature nozzles that have undergone a proprietary EDM/hone process, and are combined with bodies that have been internally modified to create a complete system of complimentary components. All sets of S&S BMW M57 2,250 cc/min injectors are balanced to the tight S&S spec, and will have a data sheet showing the exact output of each at various test points. In the pursuit of excellence, only brand-new Bosch base components are used by S&S to create BMW M57 injectors that are second to none.

With a MAP price of $4,104.00 USD and no core charge, the S&S Diesel Motorsport BMW M57 2,250 cc/min Injectors properly deliver enough fuel to more than double the output of the BMW M57 platform, with proper calibration and supporting modifications.

For more information or where to purchase, please contact an S&S Diesel Motorsport Dealer.