Brownstown, IN – November 8, 2018 – S&S Diesel Motorsport, the leaders in common rail diesel injection, are blazing the L5P Duramax trail with the first-to-market high-performance L5P Duramax fuel injectors.

GM’s latest Duramax platform is already the most powerful to date in stock trim, and with recent calibration options, and soon to come engine upgrades, the S&S Diesel Motorsport L5P Duramax fuel injectors are sure to push L5P performance to the next level.

Through extensive testing of L5P injectors on the world’s most advanced equipment, along with proprietary in-house modifications, the experts at S&S Diesel Motorsport have developed L5P Duramax injectors that can reliably deliver more fuel than stock L5P injectors. S&S Diesel Motorsport currently offers increased flow rates of 50%, 100%, and 150% over-stock capacity; and higher flowing options are currently under development.

Single injector pricing for S&S Diesel Motorsport L5P Duramax fuel injectors is as follows:

  • 50% over-stock – $463.45 MSRP
  • 100% over-stock – $538.20 MSRP
  • 150% over-stock – $612.95 MSRP

As is the case with all modified S&S Diesel Motorsport fuel injectors, the L5P Duramax injectors are designed for off-road use only. Find your S&S Diesel Motorsport dealer here.