Team SSfueled racers claimed victory over the weekend in several Outlaw Diesel Super Series classes at the 8th Annual Rocky Top Diesel Shootout (RTDS 8), held at Crossville Dragway in Crossville, TN on July 30th & 31st.

Friday Night Grudge

Greg Alberalla and Artie Maupin were slated to line up, but when Artie backed out due to technical issues, David Large stepped up to put on a show for the crowd. Greg A, who had previously run a string of low sixes in testing, had his work cut out for him lining up against the Hardway Performance-prepped, dead-consistent, 5.90 truck. While it was a close race off the hit, Large lit up the board first and won the SSfueled Grudge Belt.

Pro Dragster

There’s a new challenger for Jared Jones in Pro Dragster this year, and she just won her first race! Mattie Graves and the Hollyrock Customs team have been working hard to shake down the new Duramax-powered rail in its first season out. Even though Jones, the class stalwart, runs low fours like a sportsman, Mattie G was ready for anything. With a little MoTeC magic from the S&S support team, and great driving, Mattie cut the light in 0.043 seconds, had a 1.05-second sixty-foot, and ran a 4.64-second eighth mile for the win over Jones who went red at the tree.

Pro Street

With a little help from the dedicated Stainless Diesel race team, and Bosch Motorsport ECU tweaks by J3, 2020 Pro Street Champion and class record holder, Johnny Gilbert, keeps doing his thing… winning.

5.90 Index

What may be the biggest success story of the weekend is Brett Marcum’s win in 5.90 Index. Very few competitors rack up the miles for racing like the Western Iowa native, and you can always count on a smile regardless of the outcome. While Marcum and trusted Crew Chief, Nathan Phillips, have struggled to find their stride in the past, recent changes performed at Hammertech Race Cars lead to a 5.90 win right out of the gate. One such change was a set of S&S 450% injectors and a single 14mm High Speed CP3 outfitted with an SP3000 mechanical supply pump. There’s much more to winning than just the fuel system, and we’re humbled to be a small part of the recipe.

5.90 Runner-Up, Dan Zelten, has struggled with keeping the power of his SSfueled, SoCal Diesel-built, Duramax in check. For many, slowing a truck down seems like an odd problem to have, yet Dan has figured it out.


Diesel truck pulling classes are limited by turbocharger size to keep the power in check, and when the air is limited combustion is king. That’s why air-limited pulling is where S&S Diesel Motorsport Ordnance injectors and High Speed CP3 pumps shine. Very aggressive body modifications, custom spray angles, and high injection pressure, help pulling engines gain cylinder pressure when the air coming in is maxed out; S&S High Speed Stroked CP3 pumps ensure that the injectors have a surplus of fuel in the rail at all times. Many of the front-runners trust S&S to deliver superior combustion.

PPL Limited Pro Stock Diesel Truck

Colbi Seth won the Pro Pulling League (PPL) Limited Pro Stock Diesel Truck class at the Cass County Fair in Atlantic, IA on Saturday night (July 31st) in his SSfueled, Busted Knuckle Diesel-prepped Chevy, aka “Sketchy Hooker.”

Freedom Racing Engines (FRE) and S&S Diesel Motorsport was the top combo for PPL Limited Pro Stock Diesel Trucks at the Effingham County Fair on Wednesday night (August 4th) in Altamont, IL. Jordan Kinderman took the win in the SSfueled, FRE-powered Dodge, “Cummin Get It.” Evan Rusk took 2nd in “Common Cents,” another FRE-powered truck featuring S&S CP3 pumps. Adam Hallien pushed the “Wrecker” into 3rd place. Evan Davis claimed 4th in “Grey Area” and Matt Loucks was right behind him in “Night Howler” for 5th place. Out of a tough field of 18 trucks, the top five are Team SSfueled!

PPL  Pro Street Diesel Truck

Lee Stiltz won the Pro Street class at the Cass County Fair in Atlantic, IA on Saturday night (July 31st) in his dominant Duramax-powered Chevy named “Privileged.”

Work Stock

John Koppelman flogged his LinCo Diesel Performance-built Cummins to a win in Work Stock at the St. Charles County Fair in Wentzville, MO on Thursday night (July 29th).

Drew Slayback won KITPA Stock Diesel Class in LaGrange, KY on Saturday night (July 31st) and in Broadhead, KY on Wednesday night (August 4th).

Joe Dowson won Work Stock at the McLean County Fair in Bloomington, IL on Wednesday night (August 4th) in his Dodge with a potent 6.7 Cummins from Slayback’s Diesel Performance.


Congratulations to all SSfueled winners and runners-up, and special thanks to all SSfueled competitors for choosing S&S Diesel Motorsport!